Funding the World's Untapped Genius

Providing capital and infrastructure to enable exceptional talent to develop innovative technologies


The majority of technical and scientific talent around the world begins at a geographic disadvantage and frequently has to hope for a lottery ticket to an established organization where they can excel.

Exosphere Labs provides the infrastructure to bring these people together to develop technology for its own sake, while we partner with these teams to manage the commercial pursuits.

In order to accelerate the development of those technologies, Exosphere Labs is raising a c.$15m fund to capitalize on the untapped potential of these promising minds and share in the upside with our network of investors, entrepreneurs, and problem-solvers around the world.

Areas of Focus

Synthetic Biology
Virtual & Augmented Reality
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Brain Computer Interface

Talent Programs

One of the most successful parts of our strategy to find and recruit talented individuals, has been hosting unique immersive learning experiences in subject matters we are investing in and around. In these programs, we recruit talent that has the potential to become the best and the brightest in the future of these disciplines and pair them with industry leaders around a common objective. Two of these technology programs that were completed are Copernicus Space Science Lab in Budapest, Hungary & Artificial Intelligence Nexus in Santiago, Chile.



World's First Space Elevator Science Lab / July 2015

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A.I. Nexus

LatAm's First Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference / Nov 2015

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Management Team


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